scotchI have a bad feeling that Beenie just won’t sleep. Who can blame her? It has been almost ninety degrees in her and Mimi’s room, but the heat doesn’t bother Mimi so much. She had a winter hat on when I walked into the inferno that was their room the other day. Pulled it off to reveal wet, sweat plastered locks on that crazy little head. Don’t their brains fry after a certain point? We weren’t quite prepared for the summer-like week we’ve been blessed with. Of course, all the heat or all the freezingness goes straight to their room. Extremes. I remember when it was MY room. Sigh. That sure was a long time ago, wasn’t it?

Am starting to finally get a few bites on the job hunt hook I put out a month ago. Have one interview lined up for next week at an online newspaper with an office here in Baltimore as their Web Editor. Then today I got an email from a friend who works at a large in-town university that there is a job fair this coming weekend, so I signed up for that. And this morning a recruiter called me with a project management job. Which I am not qualified to do, which I told her. But still, it was nice to be considered for such a thing. In my experience, job searching works in a feast/famine mode. You feel like a total loser for a month or two when you initally send out resumes and make contacts and hear back from nobody, then there is a flurry of interest and suddenly you’re working somewhere. I’d like the suddenly to be in the fall at the earliest, working in a place where I could move around but stay locked into the system. Governmental or educational. I am open to the job giving universe. Do what you will.

Am jonesing to get back into the studio. New work on the wall, waiting for more layers and consideration.

I feel as if the “WEEK OF POTTY TRAINING” is approaching, the week the girls and I devote ourselves to the upstairs of our house, where the bathroom is located, and say a final adieu to the daytime diaper. Today Beenie pee pee’d twice in the potty, which is a lot for her, since she gave it up last fall and decided to embrace diapers for a few more months. Mimi, in the meantime, uses the potty many times per day, for poops and pees. I figure all they need is the hope of undies, the elusive and sparkly undies, to solidify their committment to the toilet. Hundreds of new dollars will flood into our home each month once this relationship is established.

I have booked myself a weekend away to visit some good, old friends for the first time in many, many years. I will fly on a plane to this destination, and go alone. In late June. Unless the swine flu has invaded this city, in which case, I will weep.

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  1. Let the swine flu invade your city. You will be flying in late June. The girls will be potty trained and healthy. And you will be gainfully, not painfully employed at a place where you can set down some roots, get some props, and feed your famdiddily family. Feed ’em well. Pie every day. All nine kinds of pie you like best, with the hungry moose and the deserving porcupine, too.

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