Hot hot hot

I have had this tube of paint since I initally stole it from my high school art class, circa 1985.
I have had this tube of paint since I initially lifted it from my high school art class, circa 1985.

Boy is it HOT. I’m sure everyone in the Mid-Atlantic region is saying the same thing. And in April! The audacity of wanting a gentle, cool spring. Maryland has notoriously up and down weather. Today hit 89 degrees F. Isn’t that just way too hot? You can tell my life is exciting when I write a paragraph about the weather. But for real. C’mon!

There was a DILF at the playground yesterday. I barely saw his face, but he was handling two young children like a pro and had nice grey streaked hair. Well done, DILF! The rest of them were kind of preppy and cocky. More into the fact that they were putting in their time showing off for the kids they never get to see at the playground. Take off your khaki shorts, dudes, and your baseball hats, put away your cell phones and pay attention to your offspring for the ten minutes you are spending with them on a Saturday morning. Your kids will remember everything, so you might as well get busy now and mean it. Is that too harsh? Maybe I should put my own cell phone away and pay attention…. naaah. I pay PLENTY of attention. So much attention, in fact, that I know I should try to pay less attention.

I watched Beenie devour a hot dog tonight. She has been on a mustard bender recently. The dawg fit nicely into her motif. This was her first, a Hebrew National. They have to answer to an even higher authority, so that shits was tight! YUM.

This past week was busy at the studio. Started a bunch of new paintings: one 18X24 on wood panel of an octopus for my brother’s fiance’s cousin’s wedding gift. Say that fifty times fast. Say fifty times fifty times fast. Two smaller pieces on wood panels as well, based on a strangely engaging photo/lithograph from an old Disney nature book of a lilly pond. More on that soon. Am in the process of priming a larger panel for a Camera Morte painting. Parents will be coming up this Thursday so I’d like to have a few more canvases/panels primed, sanded and ready to go so I can jump right in to putting paint on ’em. It would be good to finish up the puddle painting as well, soon, since it’s almost done anyway. Probably 65-70% complete. What a silly statement to make. For me, a painting is complete when I can’t think of anything else to do to it. When I lived with my sister in Brooklyn, she used to tell me when paintings were finished, which was helpful, since it is very easy to overwork these sorts of things. In her absence I have had to learn to figure out when things are complete on my own. A good skill to possess, I suppose.

Drank two beers this evening — liver licious. We shall see where my head leaves me tomorrow, with or without headache. I’ll take my chances. Beer tastes mighty good in the sweltering hot weather. Or any weather for that matter.

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  1. hey sis-
    i can’t say when my own work is done, only yours!
    slow and steady.
    i’ll take photos of our self-portraits at the opening on friday night. only better if you were there in person with me.
    love you.

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