Cruel shoes

Having strange days. Wondering if the summer solstice has something to do with it. The skies have been especially tempestuous … More

RIP 4horseshoes…

I no longer have a painting studio. Went over there this past Sunday afternoon to work for the first time … More

Medium strength

I stopped myself at medium strength fruity vodka drink #2 this evening. I could have mixed myself a third, but … More


I have a bad feeling that Beenie just won’t sleep. Who can blame her? It has been almost ninety degrees … More

Spring 2009 in da house!

Yeah! That’s right, sunshine, showers, all of it. Bring on the huge pollen spores making my three week headache and … More

Twenty minutes

That’s how much time I’ve got left before wake-up time. There are a number of things I could/should do with … More


I lied earlier when I wrote that I wasn’t on the cough medicine today, like I was last year. I … More

Rejection #2

The Maryland State Arts Council (MSAC) sent me my second rejection of the year for an art grant. As I … More