RIP 4horseshoes…

RIP 4Horseshoes. I will remember the drought fondly...
RIP 4Horseshoes. I will remember the drought fondly...

I no longer have a painting studio. Went over there this past Sunday afternoon to work for the first time in two or three weeks, and it was a mold and spider infested brick box. I lost two or three paintings to mold. Luckily I hated the paintings, so no great loss, OTHER THAN THE FACT THAT I LOST MY PAINTING STUDIO. The 36″ square canvas I just got for a commission looks awful big in my basement. Pray for me and what pittance is left of my creativity. I have hope something better will appear as it always does, but am so sad to say adieu to 4horseshoes. T’was not meant to be. The spiders just got too greedy.

Woah! RIP Farrah and MJ, too.


  1. This sucks!!!!! I’m so sorry. Hope the basement is okay until you get the bazillion dollar grant to buy a studio and paint on your won terms.

    Stupid no good mold and stupid no good spiders.

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