Swine flu panic in da house

Kind of an obvious post today. I mention this not-quite-a-pandemic since there is a possibility that my husband will insist that our children and myself stop leaving the house. He actually said that going to the playground is a bad idea. CAN YOU IMAGINE saying that to someone who is in charge of 2 2.5 year olds? That is crazy talk. Really crazy. His reasoning, of course, absurdly protective at best, completely paranoid at worst, is that if there are sick peeps at the playground, they are wiping their noses, coughing, rubbing their eyes all over the equipment, then our kids go there and touch the scourge, then rub their own eyes, and put their hands in their mouths. My reasoning is, isn’t there always a flu of some sort flying around? Won’t us locked up in the house until the swine flu has burned through the country also make us all crazy? He’s not the potential crazy person staying home with little children all day, I am. This issue must be resolved. I will not be avoiding all public places in the lovely warm weather, of this I am certain.

On a slightly more baffling note, the past week and a half, Baltimore City has been first, digging a huge hole in my front lawn in search of a pipe they did not locate, then filling it up, then pulled up two sections of the sidewalk in front of our house, doing something to a pipe, repairing it, then leaving that, too, a big dirt/mud pile. Meanwhile, I have gazed longingly at the pink tree as unseasonably hot weather has burst then almost brought the tree to it’s horrible end in the same amount of time. The hot as hell weather finally passed last night during a cleansing rain, but slight winds have also caused some of my fave petals of my fave tree to blow off. Though it is still heavy with blooms, I’m afraid this year’s enjoyment of my pink crepe papier tree has been squashed. I hope the DPW gets the sidewalks and grass replaced before it is too late for me to take the girls for some strolls through the mad pink snowstorm of the tree’s final colorful explosion.


  1. Truly, your eye sees what we all miss. Thank goodness you photog and paint.

    I’m pretty sure it’s just the flu. There are reasons that living in close quarters, often unsanitary close quarters makes for nasty fluishness. But I think, in general, we’re talking flu. If it’s the flu of the century, no amount of staying off the playground will help. Go first thing in the morning, when all the germs have been baked off over night. Or go to the playground nobody likes. Or play in the dirt piles in your now demolished yard. But for the sake of all that is vodka-free in your life, do not stay in the house with 2 2.5 year old children.

  2. P.S. delete this, because it’s not funny, but tell Hubbo that at least you have a spare kid, if the pandemic really wipes out a huge chunk of the population…your odds are better than most families…I’m a totally sick bastard who’s going to pay in spades when the swine flu turns out to only infect horrible bloggers who say swine-like things…like this, for instance. Which is why you should delete it.

  3. yes, you are a sick freak. but i won’t delete it on principal. you haven’t told me to kill myself, and that’s the criteria so far for comment deletion, that in addition to weird spam. it stays. just like me and the ladies are gonna stay hangin’ at the playground, licking the swing chains, monkey bars, ladders, see-saw and all dat shit. p.s. i don’t have any extra people in my house, but i sure do have extra cats. you want any? take both, i insist. please. take my cats please.

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