HI! How’s it going? Long time no write. This working nonsense, the working that I whined about not having all last year (you remember don’t you?) is seriously cramping my style. Why in tarnation have I not become independently wealthy yet? I keep buying lottery tickets, wtf?!

This is what is happening at the moment:

  1. me working full-time
  2. husband working full-time
  3. girls in school from 8:30-4:30 (also full-time)
  4. bought another house over the Baltimore city/county line
  5. moving into that house late April
  6. selling our cute Balmer row house (now have a buyer, and closing date of May 20 if all goes as it should)
  7. getting an inspection of current row house
  8. getting ready for that inspection so buyers can get a loan
  9. trying not to go crazy from half-living at both houses, but not really at either
  10. am suddenly wondering if girls should go to kindergarten in the fall now that we almost live somewhere where that will be possible and FREE
  11. just cut both girls’ hair and they look RAD
  12. can almost start packing, after inspection on Thursday
  13. cleaning new house kitchen
  14. wondering how to clean an oven since I’ve never done that
  15. watching my hair come out of my head in larger clumps than I am comfortable with
  16. guessing its stress
  17. wondering how I can make enough money to avoid computers except for fun
  18. will the cats throw up all over the new house?

I’m sure I’m floating other unanswerable questions and quandrys, but that’s alls I got energy to type at the moment. So there you have it. I really miss having time to do things like write a lousy blog post. Life is very:

6:45 a.m. make lunches, gulp cup coffee, drive to work by 8, work, eat lunch, work, leave at 4 p.m., pick up girls at school, drive to row house home or new home, eat snacks or dinner, clean or pack something, girls watch TV, get a bath, brush teeth, read book, me and husband do house stuff maybe get an hour of TV, go to sleep, start same exact thing over the next day.

Breathe. Tap into non-local universal energies, pour celestial goo into vessel referred to as body, see if there is a recognizable soul, breathe again. Create.





  1. Dude. Surprised you typed that much.
    I will type less, though I’m probably less stressed (wee bit) and less frantic (wee bit) than your glorious mama self.
    Thinking of you. Been a bad reader and bloggy friend but been thinking about you.
    Bueno suerte on the escrow. The rad haircuts will undoubtedly help.

  2. And at some point photos of the new place will be welcome. That is not meant, however, to be pressure!!

    – fka Kate

  3. Still intending to send you note, but I, too, am in transitional mode. I think it’s age that I can’t bounce back from a major life change like I used to.

    Hope all is going well. Hope you moved, closed on the new house, closed on the new house, danced with the girls, and baked a pie.

    Wishing you all the best and a groovy studio.

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