Grant Rant

Camera Morte speedometerI’ve come to the realization that since I don’t hang out with a lot of actively showing/exhibiting/art worldish peeps these days, that it is actually up to me rather than random coincidence/occurrence to make this happen. This is how I use to move artwork. Opportunities frequently presented themselves. People I hung out with knew so-and-so who was organizing a group show or knew about a cool space to show in that was looking for artists to work with. This kind of thing made it all seem very natural and possible.

But I am no longer floating in the sphere of the art person. I’ve moved into the realm of the human who can almost pass as a normal person who goes to work in an office full-time and cares for her family outside of work hours. I am desperate not to have the act of creating art disappear from my life completely. Which means that the art that is once again piling up in my studio needs to leave. I need to marry these pieces off.

2014 will be the year of moving art. Mark my words.


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