I had a few hours to myself today. Mom and Dad popped up to hang with Mimi and Beenie so I could leave and do something other than being a mama. You never stop being a parent, but it is possible to forget about it for short stints of time.

I borrowed my folk’s car (remember, mine is transmission-less), went to my special back porch studio and PAINTED for three and a half hours. I worked on a crappy painting, put it outside to air the heinous cheap turpentine smell out of it, then watched it blow away, down the stairs. It got scraped up and I didn’t care. In a way I was sort of relieved I’d have to change it again. I brought it inside and wiped the entire surface with a cut up t-shirt. Basically obliterated the image, which I won’t bother to describe because a.) it is now gone, b.) it sucked.

Hey, I just found out Angelina Jolie is gonna have her some twinsies! Pile it on, eh? Her and JLo. And, of course, moi.

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