Twenty Minutes

Purple Clock, as declared by Mimi & Beenie. Neon by Gwen Weimann.
Purple Clock, as declared by Mimi & Beenie. Neon by Gwen Weimann.

That’s how much time I have left to type before it is time to awaken my sleeping beauties. This morning was fun. Good pal Jiyun came over with her little boy, Marko, to paint and eat and chat and play for a few hours. Marko is about four months younger than Mimi and Beenie and also happens to be the apple of both of their eyes. They LOVE him. Really. They talk about him when he isn’t here and point out children on DVD and VHS who look like him and cry out “MARKO”! It is beautiful. Painting lasted about 15 minutes before everyone was starving, so we all ate on some banana bread I made this morning (very tasty, I’ll put the recipe on my food blog).

By the way, I believe I have been demoted from being the  “Food Examiner” to the lowly “Cooking Examiner”. That is, if it is possible to demote someone you don’t actually pay. What kind of idiot would write a few times a week for free, anyway? Well, me for one. I took the “job” back in April of 2008 to try to keep writing in some kind of public forum, so that when I start applying for jobs one day, I can point a potential employer to my efforts and say, “See? I have been doing something in addition to changing diapers and drinking coffee and making coffee cakes for the past three years…”. I can appear to have been mildly productive and a thinking person, even if it is only thinking about food. Or so I think. I know why my illustrious title has changed… I am not committed enough to the hefty role of “Food Examiner”. I don’t really write about the stuff that is suggested to me by my “bosses”, I can’t manage to get more than two, or at the most, three posts up per week. And I use the word “I” in my posts. Dear whoever is in charge over there: I DON’T CARE. I don’t. And you aren’t the boss of me.

It is now fifteen minutes later than it should be, and I adjourn to the ladie’s room to rouse my darlinks.


  1. Well, “I” personally benefited from your real world recipes. Isn’t there something resume worthy in writing thousands of words a week in a public forum?

  2. yeah, wtf? what did they want from you, blood? recipes that call for actual blood? restaurants that serve your bloody carcass on a sesame-seed bun? bastards!

    but cooking’s good. it’s real good, goodwin. as are you.

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