2:30 a.m.

That’s right. Two thirty. Dark outside. Family sleeping. Cats sleeping. Normal people sleeping. It has been a strange ten days … More

Let go, let nap!

I’ve given in to the fact that every day will not have a nap. The days I like have naps. … More

Cruel shoes

Having strange days. Wondering if the summer solstice has something to do with it. The skies have been especially tempestuous … More

Forty minutes

Yup. Today it is forty minutes I have until wake-up time. The last hour was spent…hmmmm…. having to pee (which … More

Dear Mimi

Why, my darling daughter, do you cry? Is it the horrible containment of your diaper underneath a swimming diaper that … More


Have taken the girls out a bunch of times this week for different social events. Monday was a power mom … More

Monkey Addendum

Here’s another picture of the monkey “backpack” leash. Hopefully it will illustrate the functionality of the leash monkey. We went … More