Once a month

Is this what 20/20 is destined to be? Once a month I get enough time and energy to write something down other than detailed descriptions of how many minutes and hours I’ve spent doing what I am directed to do? Will there ever be enough space for me to have perspective? Will I always exist in the perpetual now?

  • make lunches
  • fill water bottles
  • kiss kiss and kisses
  • make coffee
  • run out door fifteen minutes late every day
  • get to work
  • work
  • pick up girls
  • drive them home
  • snacks and drinks
  • make dinner
  • play outside
  • make art (the girls, not me)
  • tellie (why do they like the new Scooby Doo so much?)
  • baths
  • teeth
  • books
  • bed.

10:00 p.m.

Stumble around wondering what to do with an hour and a half. Go clean a toilet.





  1. Hi! Very odd the hear I’m sure, but i thought i’d drop buy to say I found this blog via Cassettesfrommyex.com. I’m listening to the mix you posted there some years ago, and enjoying it very much, here on my headphones at work in highlandtown. 🙂

  2. greg- funny place to find me! chris’s tape rules. he made a bunch of great ones. i’m glad to hear bmore is gettin’ down in highlandtown. keep up the good work!

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