Rejection #2

The Maryland State Arts Council (MSAC) sent me my second rejection of the year for an art grant. As I mentioned in an earlier post, the sting of money denied for art lessens with each subsequent rejection. So number two isn’t quite as bad as number one, which happened earlier this week. Bring it on. If the State of Maryland can’t handle Camera Morte, what can I do? I thought more of you, Maryland My Maryland. I thought you had the cajones to take some avant garde, possessed digital photography, but apparently I was wrong. It was not meant to be. Maybe the public shouldn’t be exposed to such things as melting neighborhoods. Could cause riots in the streets.

I was thinking of going to 4Horseshoes today to see if things went as well as I thought they did last time I was there, or if that was a figment of my imagination. Anything is possible. But it is gray and coldish out there. Maybe I should go and wander around a free museum for a couple hours instead.


  1. i have received so many grant & fellowship & conference rejections over the past year, you wouldn’t believe it. each one is a knife in my heart. even worse is when they don’t even respond and you have to wait for the announcement of the winner to show up on their website to know it’s not you. (even though you already know, right? but you tell yourself that maybe there was some mixup and you *did* get it, the notice just got lost in the mail or something.)

    free money is a tough racket. just gotta keep applying. does b. or someone read your application for you before you send it? i find it helps to get another set of eyes to look it over and let me know if anything isn’t clear or whatnot.

    wish i had some money to give you, mami.


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