Cruel shoes

we're not in target anymore...
we're not in target anymore...

Having strange days. Wondering if the summer solstice has something to do with it. The skies have been especially tempestuous and the nighttime light especially odd. Despite my usual hate for the summer, there is something special about the beginning of the end of the long days. A desperation of the sun. Blasting during the early hours, then holding on as long as possible in the evening, a little bit less each day till December 21st-ish. It is sad and empowering all at the same time.

I have an octopus painting dry enough to start working on again, except, of course, for the fact that there is no longer a place to paint. There isn’t actually too much left to work on for this piece, so I can paint without making too much of a stink, methinks. I am glad I pulled it out of 4badluckhorseshoes studio two months ago so it would dry. If I hadn’t, I bet it would’ve started to mold like some of the other pieces. Sigh. And sigh again.

Took the girls to Target Wednesday to look at shoes… Beenie woke up saying she needed some high heels. What is it with these girls, anyway? I figured we could check out some play high heels that might satisfy their deep, unexplainable need for stilletoes. Instead we ended up getting some fetching pink sparkle shoes (pictured above), which, in addition to making the day especially magical and full of fairy dust, littered the house with tiny flecks of pink glitter. I know, I know. In what way could this be bad? I ask myself the same question. The shoes were quickly deemed outdoor shoes, much to almost everyone’s shagrin. I took them and their sparkle shoes to the zoo the following day, a glorious day, a cloudy and cool and sunny day. They ran amok and dazzled all of the zoo goers with their immense sparkles. Though 3/4 of the way through the zoo Mimi took her sparkle shoes off and I put her regular comfy sandles on her poor paws. Beenie was even in worse pain, but always a slave to fashion, insisted on keeping her shoes on, rather, and had me push her in the stroller the remainder of the time there. She has some nasty little blisters on her poor girl paws, which should keep her out of those cruel shoes for a few days.

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