I’m in love, L U V

It has finally happened. Yesterday I officially became a “mom”. Not mommy/ie, not mama, but MOM. You know how I can tell? Look at my feet — JUST LOOK AT ‘EM! Where a simple pair of thin, cotton socks used to cling, now lie thick sheepskins full of fluff, fluff to keep my tootsies toasty. You guessed right, friend. Mom ordered a pair of HOUSE SLIPPERS online last week and yesterday they arrived, along with four or five pairs of overpriced “SmartWool” socks, all designed to keep my cold toes warm. I didn’t know I had it in me, truth be told, to woman on up to the web and say, without shame, MY TOES ARE COLD, AND I’M NOT GOING TO TAKE IT ANYMORE! I didn’t even know they were cold, not until I noticed a little redness and swelling on two of my left foot’s toes, then went to a podiatrist.

Diagnosis: barely a case of Raynaud’s disease.
keep ’em warm.

Now it is clear I have completely embraced motherhood, and all its sundry fashion trends. Though I am hoping a caring person will altert me if I some day fall into a pair of “mom jeans”, neither flattering nor comfortble, just wrong wrong wrong. Maybe I’ve already fallen…

Yesterday was a good day all around:

  • Wore then fell madly in love with my new hot slips
  • Had lunch with fellow mum to twinsies, Gillian
    Saw Coraline because it was showing, and ended up thoroughly enjoying myself.
  • Witnessed the moment when my daughters realized how good pizza was. This was the most intense event of the day.

More days like yesterday. More days like today. More days.

Red, white and blue. Patriotically warm feet.
Red, white and blue. Patriotically warm feet.

This morning the ladies and I went to Mother Goose on the Loose at the library. They actually participated this time. Knew what was going to happen and fully immersed themselves for whole minutes at a time in the activities. I was so proud and relieved that they are capable of coping in a group of adults and children completing tasks.

The sun shines on Charm City today. Hopefully it will heat up the back wall and our little row house enough so I won’t have to turn on the heat and burn up all of our income for the month. Where’s my regulated heat/hot water/electric power, yo? BGE is ripping off the entire state of Maryland this winter. Brrrrrrr! I need slippers for the rest of me. A house parka.


  1. i wear smartsocks (not wool, i’m allergic) and faux fleece slippers from September to May…what’s my excuse? no mom jeans for me, just sweats and pjs so i don’t notice my expanding ass.

  2. I sleep with fleece sock/slippers on in the winter. Usually shuffle around in them too. Embrace the warm feet, yo.

  3. Oh, lady, the Raynaud’s, it hurts. Got it in my nipple, yo, so nursing was the most painful thing we could do. Still did it, but got boob slippers. So embrace the feet and warm them, for the white tingly painful toes are not a cool thing…er…cold thing.

    Smilin’ the pizza lovin’. Funny that kids take so long to get hip to obvious yumminess. Pizza? No, thanks, I’ll just eat applesauce. What? Okay, I guess. Someday you’ll learn…and they did! Yay!

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