My brain hurt like a warehouse, it had no room to spare

Two Camera Morte inspired paintings and a puddle painting, in progress.
Two Camera Morte inspired paintings and a puddle painting, in progress, 4Horseshoes studio, a garage in Roland Park, Baltimore, MD. Late May, 2009.

Tomorrow husband goes back to work after a week at home with his family. There was much packed into last week. A road trip to North Carolina and back, an out of town guest, two nights grilling meats and veggies in the back yard — what Marylander’s call a “cook-out”. A few meltdowns, but more often hysterical laughing and running around. Same for the toddlers. HA! Seriously, tho, it is important to have every member of a family present on occasion, otherwise the little ones don’t realize who is truly involved in this group of people. The importance of each person, how they relate to one another, how they love. I still think it is horribly unfair we live in a system where one person, or both, are expected to be away at work all day, while sometimes the other person is at home all day with children. Balance is healthier. I hoped there would be balance when I finally had a child, but I find there is not. Just sometimes. I’ll take those times when they come, tho. It is what it is. Architects don’t work part-time. Not the ones who have health insurance.

early phase of small lotus painting
early phase of small lotus painting

An hour remains until my darling Mimi and Beenie arise from their naps. I have a pile of index cards in front of me on the kitchen table and hope to assemble them into something remotely cohesive to inspire the writing project I have undertaken. Writing is a solitary undertaking, to be sure. I don’t find myself in many solitary situations.

I believe I am going to quit writing about food. At least for other people. Unless someone wants to offer me some real money. I just don’t have time for it anymore. If I do write about food, I would like to do so without anyone coming in and changing titles, or interfaces that don’t allow me to use words like “pissed-off” or “shitake”…can you imagine? Silly. I started my own foodish blog called CHEW YOUR FOOD, so when the spirit moves me, I can share snacky thoughts there. Just thought I’d let you know.


  1. i’m back from the bush — whoops! is “bush” allowed? oh, phew…this is your personal blog where people can say what they want. and i would like to say: eff off, baltimore examiner. i’m switching my links to chew your food and that’s that.

    the suspense of these last several posts is KILLING me. what’s going on with this flippity-floppin’ job? did they call you back yet?

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