Eight nine ten

October 25th was the last moment I had enough uninterrupted time to write here. I have a feeling even this … More

100% self-serving

Finally. The girls are back in school! I dropped them off this morning and have done nothing for anyone else … More

Discount preschool

It doesn’t matter where you send your kid to school for the first time, because half the time they’re gonna … More

Liquid gold

Whiskey, that is. Amber gold, Texas tea. The good stuff. I believe I’ve stumbled onto a virus killer — two … More

The stupid and the tired

Day four of preschool. Mimi’s weeping now elicits my handing her to a teacher and running for the door. Last … More

Another deception

I thought things would be easier with them in preschool… is that just another one of the millions of lies … More