100% everybody else-serving

Wonderful as Monday was, I find myself now balancing mememe time by mad vacuuming and packing up lunch for a visit to the zoo after I collect the ladies from their H1N1 ridden school at noon. Does crossing your fingers, then washing them–lots–help fight off the horrible scourge of the pandemic? Here’s to hoping it does! YIKES!!! This world is a little too grown-up for me today. Am feelin’ a little like I’d like to be a baby for a few weeks and have other people wait on me and try to keep me pleased, safe and fed. No easy task. Get back to work.


  1. Ugh. Can’t imagine after all your illnesses this fall to have a big ol’ flu-y flu snuggle up and whine for a week.
    Hope it’s not a-comin’. Or that what they girls had the previous two illnesses really was H1N1 and they’re now immune.

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