My fingers are itching

Not because I have some strange skin condition, but because there’s lots to convey in this short time we have here together — my fingahs is just itching to tell you about it all!

  1. I worked three and a half hours today!
  2. The girls were in school from 9:30-12:45 today!
  3. I painted for two hours yesterday!
  4. The girls have taken naps today!
  5. We went to Target without incident today!
  6. Autumn, fall. Beautiful!

If I use another exclamation point I’m gonna hurl! YEEEEACH! Okay, I am done. My mood is changing slowly, the more chaotic yet occupied my mind is recently. Yes, I always had lots to do, but now that I have even more to do, I’m happier. I think because some of which I have added to my proverbial plate involves zen-like, web-centric, intellectual repetitive thought and does not involve putting people in time-out and the constant explanation of why you can’t do that to your sister without her wanting to beat on you. Or potty stuff. Not that I don’t adore my girls, but I must say, I think I adore them even more now that they are only the majority of what I do all day instead of all I do all day. I know, housecleaning is stuck in there too, but I guess I’m thinking more the non-domestic duties I’m happy to have balance with. From. Whatever.

Started working on a second commission (it will be a commission if Nappy likes it) in the studio on Sunday. Smallish piece, in comparison to the really big piece I’m crankin’ on. A painting from a photo of a puddle reflection originally posted on this blog. If I can find the image, I’ll put a link in. The piece was rescued from my old painting studio, once housed in my friend Esha’s semi-submerged mold and spider infested garage. A few pieces succumbed to the mold and dankness, but the Puddle Painting emerged just fine to keep working on. Not sure what direction it will take, but I’m hopeful, as I am with pretty much any artwork I get to work on. The larger painting of a flower and some vines is coming along nicely. I have a pinkish cadmium underpainting for the background and a green wash over the floral areas. Not sure what other layers will be incorporated. I believe a rust color was requested as a part of the painting, so there will be rust. THERE WILL BE RUST. It is like what I imagine shooting heroin would be like to get the occasional hour or two here and there to work. I just love painting! If I could smuggle a few more hours in our basement, it would be sooo fun to start making music again, in earnest. It, too, is a favorite release, but it is a definite second to art in the list of creative outlets. All of it being good, clean fun.

I have an announcement to make: I would like to send you a present!
I seem to have five Snickers candy bars, full-sized, left over from Halloween this year. They are delicious, but after eating three in the last week, I would like to send them to someone who could really use this sort of sustenance, like a pregnant person, or someone who needs to put a warm layer of fat on themselves for the cold, cold winter. I have enjoyed a few, and would now like to remove them from my house. I’ll mail them to you. Just put a comment to this post letting me know you’re interested, and I’ll get your address. You know you want it. The first person who responds is the winner! Wooooo hooooo!


  1. I love this picture and the post – so glad to hear you so happy. I do not want your stinkin’ candy though, as I already have a stinkin’ layer of fat to keep me warm through the stinkin’ winter. Send art instead.

  2. Okay, the list is AWESOME. So glad the extra work in your life makes your brain happy and your mama-ing happy. The painting is totally commission. And TheKitchenWitch is a LIAR because I saw a picture of her on her bloggy blog and that bitch is tighter than a triathlete. Screw her and send her some Snickers.
    I would request them, but…well, yeah, you know I want them. But sending candy in the mail seems ridiculous. Bring them to work.

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