Mister Lister


  1. you don’t have to cut up all foods into small, bite-sized pieces
  2. some mornings, the two hours of school silence just have to be spent on domestic duties
  3. other, more of the 2 hour mornings, should not be spent on domestic duties
  4. people are listening, don’t be an asshole
  5. if you got up at 5 a.m. every morning, you could start making art again
  6. one day your children won’t wake up in the middle of the night and need your help
  7. where does the snot come from? and how in god’s name can there be so much of it?
  8. pie. today is pie day.
  9. all human beings suffer
  10. go for the double, in general
  11. it’s okay to keep some of the halloween candy, just not all of it.
  12. peeing into a cup isn’t that big a deal… who knew?
  13. don’t forget to bring your camera
  14. flossing IS important, especially after that poppy seed bagel
  15. even if you’re already yelling, you can stop yourself and not ruin the morning for your two three year-olds
  16. a cold isn’t the end of the world

That’s all I’ve got. Sixteen tidbits of wisdom from a double soy latte’d up mama with an hour and a half of freedom after a week of 24/7 snotty people. Finally dragged them back into preschool this morning. Fever and really bad snots gone, just dregs of runny noses and bad attitudes left. Almost got into a knock-down with Beenie this morning over her clothing, or lack thereof (it’s fucking cold out there, crazy girl!), as we do at least once a week, but I stopped myself in the middle of my own fit and made it better. But you know what I will not tolerate? Two little girls fighting over who has the slightly darker shade of pink on the tops of their sippy cups. That’s when Beenie asked me if I was mad. And I said loudly, “Yes. That really pisses me off,” and removed the dark pink top from one of the cups and replaced it with an identical light pink top and told them both that I didn’t care if they drank juice or not. I WILL NOT LISTEN TO YOU TWO FIGHTING OVER THE COLOR OF THE TOPS OF YOUR SIPPY CUPS!

Woah. I’ve already invested way too much of my precious quiet time thinking, then writing about this.


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