The stupid and the tired

Day four of preschool. Mimi’s weeping now elicits my handing her to a teacher and running for the door. Last time we went and she started crying and screaming, a teacher came over and said “whenever you’re ready”, signaling for me to go. I’m a fast learner. This morning seemed like a bad one in terms of being one teacher short, leaving only two teachers for 19 kids. Yikes! Those are worse odds than I deal with every day. And those ladies are older, probably 60+. God bless ’em. I toyed with volunteering today or Monday to help out since the other, younger, energetic teacher is going to be out that day, too, but thought better.  I’M ONLY ONE WOMAN FOR CHRISSAKES!

This leaves me, right now, with one hour before I leave to pick them up. I have deep hopes they will start begging to stay longer… first with lunch, then for extended play at the end of the day… two hours isn’t long enough. But it does almost equal what I used to get when they napped, so I’ll take it. I’ll take what I can get. Now I must:

  1. find a job
  2. find arts funding
  3. cut my nails
  4. do laundry
  5. buy more milk
  6. mop the kitchen floor
  7. put the dishes away in the dishwasher
  8. vacuum
  9. make hummus
  10. take a nap
  11. write one book
  12. write and illustrate another book
  13. figure out where I can start painting

I am seriously toying with the nap idea, but here I am, writing a dumb post on 20/20. No naps for the stupid and tired.


  1. that is a crazy list. start small. here is a list for monday or when next you have 2 hours to yourself.

    1. play your turn on fb scrabble
    2. stare out the window in the office
    3. cut your nails
    4. lie on the couch
    5. make some coffee
    6. stare out the kitchen window
    7. take a deep breath
    8. and another

  2. pre-school. 2 solid hours to get some well-meaning things done. really? it’s only one thing. ONE THING that you can expect to accomplish, because at least an hour of that time you are trying to figure out what to do and how to do it and how the heck your mind actually works. pre-school is like this false sense of freedom. too short a time. but i would never ever trade it.

    1. for real, momalom. but shit, yesterday i actually mopped the kitchen floor and vacuumed the house, something i hadn’t done in months, in preparation for in-laws birthday visit. yes, i accomplished this, however… i will not continue this ridiculous cleaning frenzy. it really is only an hour. a measly hour. one precious, golden hour, i vow to never waste it cleaning the house again…

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