Another deception

I thought things would be easier with them in preschool… is that just another one of the millions of lies they tell you to get you to make more humans? The school is going well, i guess. This morning wasn’t as frantic as the past two mornings they went. We actually got up earlier than 45 minutes before we were supposed to leave. And they ate yogurt before we left. Mimi screamed for a while before I left the classroom this morning. When I picked them up, she was happily dancing around the playground while Beenie was throwing sand in other children’s faces with a small plastic shovel. Precious.

Yes, despite the fact that I started my grant proposal at 11a.m. yesterday and finished it and the application and 2 CD’s worth of images at 5p.m yesterday, it did get postmarked yesterday, so hopefully it will at least get to the place it needs to get to and into the proper hands. Wish me luck. Camera Morte and I need some funding.

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