Achtober, Schmachtober

Things I find annoying:

  • HOMEWORK: My six year-old daughters are getting homework many evenings per week. Which is crap because by the time we get home from school/work, it’s like 5 or 5:30. Then I have to make dinner, and put shit away and do laundry and then it’s somehow 6:30 or 7. Then we’re finishing things up and baths and shit then it’s time to read books and go to bed. Yes, I believe homework is important for older children, but not for little kindergarteners and certainly not for working parents of these young’uns. Is this what we have to look forward to for the next 12 years? What the hell are they doing during the school day anyway that they would need to do more of it at home? Can’t we just come home and chill? Maybe they’re just going for the lowest common denominator who stick their kids in front of the telly the minute they get home until bedtime. Homework can suck it!
  • BASEMENT OFFICES: I will never work in another basement office in a shitty old building ever again, for as long as I live. Radon can suck it!
  • PINK EYE: Mimi’s beautiful blue-gray eyes were strangely familiar looking today… swollen red and roadmappy. Pink eye can suck it! Luckily, I’ve been hoarding the magic eye drops so that nastiness is quickly waning. Take that, pinky!

1 Comment

  1. Pink eye can suck it
    Radon can suck it
    Neti pots, if you remember correctly, can suck it
    And homework can suck it.

    My child will not do homework under my direction until 5th grade. Until that time, I will not direct him to the worksheet bullshit sent home. I have told him if he wants to practice he can, but that climbing trees and counting his money and making art is much more important and he may spend his time where he may.

    It have told the teachers this, too. They do not like me.

    And the little effer does his homework every morning, curse him.

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