Let go, let nap!

I’ve given in to the fact that every day will not have a nap. The days I like have naps. Today there are naps. One passed out on the purple chair in the living room, the other passed out under the fuzzy purple tent in their bedroom. The morning involved running around the zoo, in the shade, in the sun. With friends. Mimi was especially full of gumption, so much so I had to strap her into her stroller numerous times to highlight the fact that YOU DO NOT RUN AWAY FROM YOUR MOTHER, especially when we are in a large space with lots of people wandering around. I don’t care how insanely cute you are, miss Mimi, I would have to throw myself off a bridge if anything bad happened to you and/or your sweet sister. You are faster and more wiley than I. When I call to you to come back, and I usually say please, PLEASE COME BACK! Last week at the zoo she listened to me more, maybe because it was just us — me and the girls. I think she is cheeky, but also that she hears me yelling all the time to do something or not do something. After a while it just doesn’t seem like it is important, you know? I am sure I felt this way when my own mom told me what to do. Payback is a bitch, so they say. I don’t know how to be scarier. And I’m not going to start hitting them to punctuate things, though this has crossed my mind on more than one occasion. I’m just going to have to strap them into their strollers when they run away and hope this is torture enough.

Dearest darling Damon, one of my oldest friends, has an excellent art and music online magazine, the link to which has been on my “Linkity-link links” to the right for a few months now. He recently published some photos from the Camera Morte collection on his site The Population, along with a eulogy I penned over the past few days. It has almost been one year since my old digital camera stopped capturing the special images, so this ode is somewhat fitting. One year anniversary of the inevitable end of Camera Morte. It only took freaky pics for about five months last year, but boy those pictures packed a punch. I like Damon’s selection from the pile. RIP CAMERA MORTE!

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  1. Running away in public scary. Your technique is awesome…direct consequence that makes clear that the choices are listen or be prisoner. We practiced in the front yard a lot, so that my super angry voice “AH! Stop!” meant absolutely positively stop and listen. Cars and absconding are major fears here. So I try to save angry and mean voice for that which means freeze.
    Ah, Morte. I love some of those images. Mainly fauna. So, so weird. So, so cool. Hope the book continues to sell.

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