Monkey Addendum

Here’s another picture of the monkey “backpack” leash. Hopefully it will illustrate the functionality of the leash monkey. We went to the zoo again yesterday, this time with a good friend, P.Q. and his twin son and daughter. They are exactly six months younger than my girls. Four children, two adults. We were definitely outnumbered, but things didn’t seem too out of control. Instead of busting out the monkeys this trip I just let them run around in a little enclosed area where there’s lots of gravel for Mimi to dig around in and Beenie rode the kiddie sized tractors that were there. Mimi kept opening and closing the gate, which is what she does, and Beenie kept standing in front of other little kids that came in and out of the area. She is very interested in other humans. Mimi is interested in gravel and gates and, of course, eating.

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  1. hello – i saw a little one wearing a monkey leash today in jackson heights and thought of your little monkeys…i read your blog after evan and alice go to bed at night.

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