The animals, the animals…Let’s talk dirty to the animals…

meI’m thinking of a song Gilda Radner had on a comedy record I won on the radio when I was in middle school back in the early 80’s. “Fuck you, mister hippo, eat shit, mister bear…” or something along those lines. Really funny stuff. I only write about animals because we saw a bunch of good ones this morning at the Maryland Zoo, located in beautiful, vast Druid Hill Park, in Baltimore city. Old pal Spoon joined the ladies and myself for a whirlwind tour of the African exhibit. Great, just great. A perfect almost early spring day, too. Foggy and cool in the morning, but after we’d been there about a half hour, the sun broke through and there was a moment we were sitting on a bench, bathed in warm sunshine, eating pb&j sammiches, watching the elephants. Divine. Mimi and Beenie have certainly matured since last we visited the zoo before they closed up shop for the winter last November — their attention span and ability to actually see the animals has increased as has their endurance to walk for very long periods of time.

I have had the song “Emotional Rescue” winding through my head for the past four or five days. Rolling Stones. Why? I have not a clue. Bum bum bum… there’s nothing I can say, nothing I can do… I might have to go downstairs to our basement music studio (which neither of us ever has enough energy to actually go to, ever, especially me) and bang the damned song out on my bass. Maybe that will help it go away. It is a flawless song, except for the annoying ubiquitous 80’s sax solo that weasles its way in, as it did into many songs of the time period. The lyrics are silly, Mich Jagger does funny things with his voice, but I just can’t get it out of my brain. Maybe I am a Cylon and it is my proverbial siren song, much as the final five had their stupid All Along the Watchtower siren song. Mine is better.

Got about an hour left before naptime must cease. The sun is blasting the back of our house. I’ll eat some more vegan, gluten free brownies that I made the other day, which are really frackin’ good, lie on our back yard patio to soak up a minute of sun, then start up with the job searching again. So far, has been sending me positions via email for jobs with the Army, Veterans Admin, Social Security Admin. I’m not ready to make a leap into the military, so the Army job is out. Still waiting for Michelle O’s email…

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