What happened to July?!

I just had a panic that I missed out on the entire month of July, 2012. Oh NO! It was no horrible fantasy, it is a horrible reality! For the first time in four years, I did not utter a single bloggity blogish word in 20/20. What the hell is wrong with me? Is it my frantic outside life? The one that does not allow for any personal computer time. Oh there’s plenty of other types of computer time, though. Updating websites, editing photos, making PDFs accessible (or trying my darndest to), reading about why I should give a rats ass about social media. I have yet to discover a good argument for it, by the way.

My angelic/devilish daughters are growing so quickly. I keep trying to hold them like tiny babies, which I swear to Jah was, like, last week. They laugh at me and say I’m being ridiculous. I know it. But its still funny to try to hold a 60 lb. human who is more than half my height like she was an infant.

Mimi is in devil mode this week. A bully toward her sister, uber competitive, LOUD. Some may say brattish. Beenie responds as she does in this annoying dance – weepy, victimish. Things will get ugly when she realizes, as she always does, that she is 10 lbs. bigger than her sister, and very strong. Mimi will get hers. She always does. Then things will probably switch and Beenie will get super bossy – so much so that Mimi will retaliate. I am so happy they have each other to torture for the rest of their lives.

A Promise

I am now making an official promise to never let a month go by where I don’t even make one entry. Pathetic. You mean so much more to me than that. What I’ve been focused on is definitely not more important that writing here.

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  1. Earth calendar months are a shameful way to measure milestones. So you abandoned us in July. It’s all good, 20/20.

    So tell me what you do when the sibling dynamic is out of balance. Because we have that always. This month’s Mimi is always Peanut, and Butter is smaller, less verbal, and picking up all the competitve, pushy, bullyish, loud ways. I’m all out of “use calm words not your hands” gentleness for devil mode.

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