No sleep till…

Why is the only time I have enough brain space Sunday at 1 in the morning? Is there no other time I have done nothing for long enough to be able to verbalize the current state of things? I really should be asleep.


By the way, immediately after I wrote the three sentences above, this morning at 1 a.m., Ms. Beenie was heard weeping from above. Apparently she had been standing by the side of my husband’s and my bed, my side, crying uncontrollably. I ran upstairs and tried to figure out what was up, but she couldn’t quite figure it out. I think she woke up from a dream crying and went to find me, and was crying more when I wasn’t there. NICE, MOM.

I slept on the floor in her and Mimi’s room until I awoke about an hour later, the right side of my body asleep from sleeping on such a hard surface. It’s okay, tho. I may have straightened out my spine.


  1. *It
    [capitalization of ‘it’ not intentional. Was not implying father’s gender neutrality or beastly nature. Delete or edit for me as you see fit.]

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