Good God, it’s September again

Did you notice? Every year around this time September lands and whatever the summer was or wasn’t doesn’t matter anymore… cuz it’s GONE! What happened this year? Work and then work? And more work? And summer camp which was actually just an extension of preK. And a week away from work and school, yet still was work somehow… vacation with two almost-six year olds is not particularly relaxing. But it is different, and above ground.

Mimi and Beenie started KINDERGARTEN this year! Last week!! Weren’t they just like, born? Got their cute booties on the school bus and into separate classes. I have high hopes for this new situation correcting some truly horrifying behavior, on both ends of the twinsie spectrum. Kicking, stomping, punching, using the word “threatening” frequently – I’m not naming names, but you know who you are. Jealousy, admiration, desperate competition for praise and ears. Ouch.

Totally scored for more fodder at an awesome book extravaganza in the area, Daedalus Books. Great reference books on old maps to be had. Art is going v e r y  s l o w l y. But it’s going. The 100 Black-eyed Susans painting series is breakneck at one completed piece and around seven other in process paintings. As for the maps, there is one completed and two about 75 percent complete. Everything is time consuming. And that’s all I got, plenty of extra time.

I’m lying. I wonder if this will be the only September entry. Maybe photos next time.


  1. Pretty sure the girls are 3 and that you’re mistaken.

    Hope the separation in school quells that hot blood.

    Hope you get so much art time that your next post is October. With photos.

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