A quickie

I’m supposed to be making myself a decent website to get a job with. Right now. But instead, I’m writing. Because procrastination is one of my stronger suits.

Fast updates:

  • Did not win $72 million big-assed jackpot last week. lost $5. I’m gonna do it again this week.
  • The gigantic unemployment blemish that appeared on my cheekbone a week ago (I’m convinced from stress) is finally looking like it’s on the way out. I will view this as a harbinger of the end of a dry spell employment-wise. GROSS!
  • The javascript navigation I just couldn’t get right on my work website is finally working. Not fancy, but functional. Kinda like me!
  • Went to friend’s house this afternoon to watch a football game. If you don’t know me, this is a hugely unusual occurrance.
  • This week promises to be crazed. I am excited about this. It is good to have a seemingly impossible schedule sometimes. If only it was a week bulging with money-making potential. What do I know, tho, right? Maybe the lottery will pan out this week.

Back to realizing a four page website. Chortles!

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