get yer holiday shopping done all at once!

I am delighted to share the following items with you:

My sweet sister, Liz, excellent artist, writer, massage therapist, and all around great person, has fashioned an item called The Heating Heart. Specifically created for PMS, but useful for all sorts of all-over body aches and pains, this organic denim, organic brown rice-filled ‘heart’ can be heated in the microwave (even in the sun, if you have some sun and a little time) or cooled in the fridge (or on your icy-cold patio if you have some winter), then placed on the owie part of your body. I have used it many times for neck and head pain, but the next time I get the PMS, that shit’s going right on my pelvis. Check out her website for more info and details to order. This is a PERFECT gift for the ladies in your life.


Historian/crafter/arteest extrordinaire and dear friend Mara (known to some of you as Kleios Belly) has finally opened up an Etsy shop! I’m so excited I can finally share her genius with the universe (aka my three regular readers, of which Mara is one). I am lucky enough to have acquired a number of these excellent crafty items in the past years and months. The quality and craftswomanship is unequaled, the taste impeccable, and when you buy something from Kleios Belly, you are supporting Mara’s insane quest to have money and time to finish her dissertation! Please help this noble cause and get some of the coolest bags, pillows, wall-hangings, baby bibs, and everything else there is to have from Kleio. Hurry! Hurry!

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