Impossible techmology

Somehow I’m able to write this on a bus, live, coming back from NY. Of course, my headache stopped around 4 a.m. this morning, which I am now convinced is when everything happens, always, and I just need to accept this and all will make sense. It was strange… my migraine actually “broke” the way a fever usually does. I woke up in agonizing pain, the kind of pain a knife would have caused in my head. I thought for a moment or few that the tumor or aneurism that has been percolating in my brain the entire time I was out of town was coming to a head (heh heh) and would finally explode and I’d die, but then was able suddenly to feel normal and pain free. I believe I was dehydrated and it took me two days to catch up to hydrated. What a waste. But I still liked having a break from the 50’s housewife existence I find myself in most days.

softieOn the housefrau note, there is a better than good chance I will have a for-real part-time job starting in the next two weeks. A few things have to get lined up first, but it seems as if it may happen, 10 hours per week, getting me back into some kind of consciousness that has nothing to do with the running of a house or toddlers. I look forward to trying to remember all the stuff I learned about web sites and computers that has erased itself from my memory banks over the past three years. Wish me luck!

Memory banks. Do those things exist anymore? What is a memory bank, anyway? The same as a hard drive?

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