Headache waning…or not

Finally, the migraine that has been nauseating me for two days is starting to fade. I’m not sure if I would feel that way without acetaminophen every four hours, but at least something is helping to mask the horrible pain. I have been able to enjoy this afternoon immensely. Doing nothing much is all I could have possibly asked for. Brekky at Chez Oskar. Dinner at The Smoke Joint. Choice for a lovely dessert plate. Life is good. One million thanks to Limey for his boundless generosity hosting a cranky, tired pal from the past and the future.

The girls are having a fun time with their Granny and Baba, and dear husband sounds like he’s enjoying his bitness trip to Austin, TX. As I type this, my headache threatens to come back… more drugs. Damned brain pain!

This evening ends on a somber tone… the Magnificent Foobar, found in a bag of snakes, cat to Kate the Great, has been laid to rest today. That cat had a great life and was taken care of to the max. RIP Foob. You are already missed.

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