T’was the night before preschool…

T’was the eve pre preschool
and all through the rowhouse
Furry creatures were stirring
Better not be a mouse!

The girls snoozed soundly
no diapers to wet
Without a clue what awaited them


My terrible Night Before Preschool chant was interrupted last night by the smooth, screamy stylings of one Mimi D., needing to pee and have a drink. It’s like we’re all one and a half all over again. I feel like an eighteen wheeler rammed into my head. I had a half glass of old wine with dinner, so maybe that was the culprit. A combo most likely.



  1. It’s all gonna work out, goodwin, just remain calm. Change is hard, even when it’s for the better. Good luck to all of you tomorrow. I have high hopes for your forthcoming libation…er, I mean, liberation.

  2. I was not looking forward to potty training my son (and did not have a clue). My friend (thank you Debbie!) kept talking about a free site with a great method. I worked it, and it worked! OMGosh- I could not believe my ears when my son said “I gotta go potty”. Highly recommended! It is http://www.bye-bye-diapers.com I am also would like to hear what others have to say. Thanks, Amber

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