Go ask Alice

Crazy chaos leaf flashback I had at the playground. Woah!

Oh spit! Me and the ladies hit their PRESCHOOL CLASS this morning to pick out cubbie holes. Beenie was busy investigating the toy section of the class and Mimi stuck close to me but was friendly to the teacher, Miss Alice. Nice lady. She immediately told the girls about two of what seem to be many rules in the classroom:

  1. the toys, especially the ones on rollers, stay on the carpeted side of the room
  2. the dolls and other things wearing clothes keep their clothes on. no nudity.

Needless to say… I LIKE! Bring on the rules. Bring on someone other than me giving these brilliant, untamed girls some guidance. I couldn’t be more pleased. The world is full of rules and everyone has different ones and now is a great time for them to learn this. The director moved them into a nicer classroom than I thought they’d be in, one with a teenie tiny little baby toilet! Perfect sized just for them. There will be 19 kids in the classroom, with three teachers. I feel as if someone just gave me a shot of adrenaline. Maybe it’s the big cup of coffee I just sucked down. Friday is D-day. 9:15-12 noon. I think we’re all gonna be okay.

In other news, I just found out about an arts grant I think I should apply for. The deadline, of course, is for September 15th, which gives me, um, four days to get it together. No different than usual, though, really. I need to come up with a proposal of sorts, outlining what I’d spend the money on… which would be childcare, methinks. I already have most of my supplies. Maybe some computer programs I could buy, but mostly I need time. Time is money. I could easily base the next ten years of my artistic life discovering the nooks and crannies of Camera Morte and all it has to offer. What a luxury.



  1. love the photo. all creepy and yummy in the way nature can be. yay nature.

    omg I laughed at the rules. No doll nudity? What? Um, okay. As you say, enforce your rules in your house, Alice, and I’ll just teach ’em that everybody has different rules. P actually likes that. He wants to know which houses are okay for “dammit.” Wait’ll he learns some place are no nudity places. It’ll floor him.

    Can’t wait for your debut into society. Hope the grant goes well. I’m doing some grantwriting now, so let me know if you want a last minute editor. I’ve never done art grants, but I’ll betchya I can tell you how great it sounds, no matter what you write.

    Bueno suerte. I’ll bet preschool is a compelling reason for people to grant artists moola.

  2. i wanna hear all about this. call me on your next trip to the grocery store or — wait a minute — next week during preschool!!! HOORAY!

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