grillI just got my first anonymous and hateful comment, which, instead of approving, I’d like to share with my readers…

“you are a total loser. Kill yourself”

Now, there’s no denying the fact that on occasion, I feel like a total loser. I suspect I am not alone in this. ‘Fallafelhead’, aka scrotum@dingleberry.com (I did not make up these names, btw. authentic!), aka the commenter, pointed this out in his comment, along with his sentiment that I should kill myself. I cannot do such a thing — I have children! I have a family and people that care about me. I don’t think the world or the people I know in the world would be better off if I was dead. If I did believe this, I would have off’d myself a long time ago. You don’t know me, Fallafelhead, YOU DON’T KNOW ME! For real, dude. What? Why you gotta hate?

Today was astounding. Cool and gray in the morning, midday bright sun and very warm, then the clouds rolled back in, rain, then extremely windy. Tonight the sky is clear again with a fingernail sliver of the moon. Maryland has the strangest weather.

My cat Olive has passed out in a filthy ball on my clean laundry. Hubbo and I have been indulging in some serious Flight of the Conchords, which I cannot get enough of. Chicken was the first item this year grilled outside this year, yum, and eaten for dinner. All are safe and wild. Peace.


  1. See, the twenty fingers twenty toes thing threw him off, because he’s sure you’re the six-fingered man, who killed his father. Thus, his urging that you prepare to die was pretty much expected. You have six fingers, but lost one on the other hand, for a total of ten. You are a finger loser, shortened to loser. You’re a loser of fingers, and you killed my father, so now kill yourself trying too escape me.
    but it was a misunderstanding, for Inigo dingleberry simply found the wrong six fingered/four fingered woman.

    See? He don’t know you.

  2. Been thinking about this post, and still feel icky that someone said that to you. silliness aside, you don’t deserve that. I’m sorry some f—ed up mental case emailed you that, but we’ll post several niceties to erase that bad juju.

    We love you, your girls love you, your family loves you. Hate mail was sent in error. too much love. ill will does not compute.

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