One hour, fifteen minutes

me3I am not going to waste the next hour and fifteen minutes writing my silly blog entry. There are many other pressing items to attend to, one of which is to bathe myself, and after the ladies wake up from their nap, they, too will be bathed. Laundry, unloading the dishwasher, picking up around the house, putting clean clothes away, sweeping the ant-ridden (I exaggerate) floor, possibly cleaning all or a portion of the bathroom are included in other tasks I may or may not get to. Today is one of those cool, damp days. The kind of day I am just cold to the bone without it being extremely cold outside. The house is cold and it is kind of too late in the season to turn the heat on, though I did do it a few days ago because it was frigid inside and out.

Not feeling particularly inspired lately, though yesterday after grocery and cat food/litter shopping I was able to paint for an hour and a half. Had hoped to work on the Camera Morte series, but instead I focused on the “Cheeseburger Landscape” piece for my pal Arika. She is moving at the end of April, so I needs to get that piece finished and dried before she leaves town with her moving truck. It is large-ish, so shipping it may prove too spendy. Better she move it herself.

Wrote a preface for what could possibly be a book the other night. It was one of my hopes before re-entering the sitonyourarseandstareatacomputerallday workforce in September, to have some kind of manuscript completed. I have been writing since the ladies were eight months old, to help keep my sanity and keep some perspective and record of this mad experience. The result is a year on this blog and a year-ish of straight up writing before that. I gotta be able to stitch together something useful or at least entertaining to work at publishing somehow before working mom explodes/implodes onto the scene.

I’d like to note, before I leave for today, that Mimi has officially started her Terrible Twos, at two and a half. Beenie hit hers around two and sort of grew out of it into something niceish, but Mimi has just come into her own horribleness/wonderfulness. NO NO NO NO NO NO NO! My ears are still ringing from this morning, and I will be deaf by the end of the day.

Also, I got a bottle of vodka yesterday. Since I can’t drink anything lightweight without getting a migraine, thought I’d pursue the clear hard stuff. Aside from getting a little bit f’d up from one drink last night (moderation in all things, dummy! portion control!), I may be able to live with one weak-medium cocktail every few evenings as my new vice. Bye bye, beer and wine, hello vodka! Millions of Russians can’t be wrong!!!


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