eyeThursday mornings my daughters and I attend a playgroup — 5 or so moms and their kids congregate at someone’s house, eat brekky treats, drink coffee and tea, and watch the small humans of our world interact. I hosted playgroup this morning. You never know how things will go. People’s moods are fickle and unpredictable, including and especially toddlers’. Though, I will say that I can’t remember there being any bad playgroups at my house, thank goodness. Everyone is usually on good, mellow behavior. Today was no different. We all ate lots of snacks and played with rocket ships, dress-up dolls, astronauts, robots, circus animals, books and baby dolls. All were jovial enough. I am grateful for this and hope the meetings continue to be more and more stress-free. I think the one, two, three and five and six year old mix works well, especially now that everyone is communicating. Things seemed stressed when the little peeps weren’t quite able to verbalize the way they are now. Keep up the good work, y’alls!

Baltimore is blustery today. Super Christopher Robin stylee. Big gusts. The metal trash can behind our house in the alley is making lots of noise as the wind blows it a foot here a foot there. My dreams last night were of frigid wind blowing through the frozen tundra I was in, though the reality was wind, not cold. Today is in the 50’s. Still no reason to complain from the cold. I’ll take 50 any day.

I look around at the cookie and cracker crumbs littering the floor and think to myself, “Self, should we clean or maybe paint a little with watercolors or ink or something gouache-y?”. I’m leaning toward the latter. If I’m not careful, I’m gonna get fired from my hausfrau position and will be forced to get a paying, socially respected job. Hmmm.


  1. Playgroups are always successful with homemade biscuits. I tried making your blueberry cake last night, but my berries were moldy. So, I had to use chocolate chips. It turned out yummy. (:

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