I’ll take me some global warming…

Yes, it is me. The only picture of me you'll ever see on this blog. Sitting in the sun on a February afternoon during naptime.
Yes, it is me. The only picture of me (other than a Camera Morte rendition) you'll ever see on this blog. Basking in the February sun on warm afternoon during naptime.

I’ll take me some seventy degree weather, is what I’ll takes. Coastal flooding and crazy ice chunks falling from the sky, a disappearing polar ice cap and alla that, maybe not so much. But today, Wednesday February 11th, 2009, I’ll take this random seventy degrees and run amok. I am sitting outside, on one of the girls chairs, in the cloudy warm sun, foolishly typing on my laptop. To what end I know not. Certainly not fame or riches. I received my first arts grant rejection of the year from a local competition, The Sondheim Prize, worth $25K. Twenty-five boxes of ziti. Twenty-five large. Twenty-five nuthin’. Oh well, the first rejection of the year has a small sting, but with each subsequent rejection until it is time to start the whole futile process of trying to get money for art again in the fall, the pain lessens — almost becomes expected. After all, what exactly would I do if I were to receive grant money? Go out to lunch or buy some programs for my computer? Maybe I would spend it on child care. This is the most likely scenario. Pay someone to hang with the girls while I go to 4Horseshoes studios, inhale the cool, damp, mildewy brick air, slap some paint on a canvas, and lose myself for an hour in turpentine land. It could all be far, far worse. Though the ladies have been so delightful lately, I’m thinking someone should pay ME to hang with them. We went to the library this morning for Mother Goose on the Loose, a half hour of little dittys and songs and books and scarves and bells and tambourines for the little kiddies. Mimi and Beenie really liked it this morning. Both participated, sort of, and Beenie was even singing one of the songs after we left. That’s pretty cool, eh? I think it is. She has a bitchin’ memory. Thank goodness someone does. Mine is like a steel sieve. After the library we went out to lunch at City Cafe in Mt. Vernon with good pal Esha. All were well behaved. All were darlings, with a twist, of course. Nobody likes completely well-behaved children. I gotta give the girls snaps, tho. They are really becoming socialized humans, despite their parents’ oafish tendencies.

When does the zoo open again? I think it is March. Only a few weeks away. Winter wanes.


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