Dilfs come out to play on a sunshiney weekend day.

You can imagine how relieved I was to learn today that the Catholics are bringing back Indulgences. I grew up going to Catholic church and CCD (Sunday school) on Sundays, and while the Catholic culture never quite resonated with me (this is a bit of an understatement), I am still, somehow disappointed when I occasionally visit other people’s houses of worship — where are the smoke and mirrors? The incense? Why is it so bright in here? And where is the bleeding, beaten Son of God statue? Church isn’t church if you’re not a little bit scared and angry. Uh… did I say that out loud? My mom told me about Indulgences from when she was growing up. People in the church could make donations and do penance and somehow squirm out of years in Purgatory before heading on up to the pearly gates. Maybe even avoid Hell altogether. At least this was my interpretation of the situation. A non-lapsed Catholic would probably correct me. Whatever. I’m just glad to read that a way out of eternal damnation has presented itself again to believers. Now is a great time to cut people some slack — it’s brutal out there.

The two people I was supposed to visit with today — one person I have not seen since a brief glimpse at a 15 year high-school reunion, now almost ten years ago (yikes!), the other an old co-worker/friend who moved to Hawaii two years ago — cancelled on me. I am not upset, per se. I would say more out of whack, as I had set aside a particular type of energy to meet with these two people today, and now I will not be doing so. My momentum, what little there was, has had the wind sucked out of it. Oh well. At least me and the ladies got out of the house this morning. T’was sunny and warmish, probably mid-50’s outside. We hit the playground with pals Alexander and Gayle, frequent hang-out buddies.

I must say that I am thoroughly enjoying the terrible two’s. For some reason at first it was BRUTAL. I think I can safely say that an inability to properly communicate on both sides made days and nights dreadful. Plus there was the beginning of the cold weather and subsequent indoorness we were all suffering through. But now that the ladies are really pounding out the words and sentences and subtleties, everyone is getting along famously. There have not been too many recent bouts of extreme violence, though Mimi has taken to body slamming her big sis, which ends up with Beenie howling “NO MIMI! NO HUGGING!” and crying till I pry Mimi off of her. The way I see it, tho, Mimi has some lost time to make up for in the torturing your sister realm. Beenie has more than a few more body slams waiting for her for payback on some terrible shark bites. I just need to be sure to make it clear to both that hurting one another is unacceptable behavior. I can’t help it if my response time has a slight delay every now and again… Again… did I say that out loud? Bad Mommy.

This past weekend was strangely spring-like, sunny and warm. Plenty of DILFs out on the playground. Go Daddy, GO!


  1. Loverly weather, loverly chillins, loverly mama.

    You go ahead and enjoy this week of the 2s. It’s good for ya. And ignore all the mamas who say 3 is tough. I can guaran-damn-tee you that at least a couple of weeks of every year from 18 months through kindergarten will grab you by the guts and shake you until you cry. And other than that, those little peeps are extra special presents wrapped all in corrugated awesomeness.

    1. you got that right, nappy nap nap. they’re all fun, poop and roses till they’re not. today i am being tortured by two 2.5 year olds who are threatening not to nap. they have been in bed for one hour and i have attempted to bribe them with clean diapers and more ba-ba’s, and still they rant and rave. beatings all around!

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