Another naptime wasted

Once again, I find myself with 1/2 hour left for naptime. I have squandered two solid hours on the interwebs. What a freaking waste of time! Though I did browse the government job website for possible work. Looks like I may be qualified for a program assistant type of job. The Veterans Administration is located in Balmer, as is Health and Human Services. Someone has to have something for a mama like me, right?

I’m craving something rich and chocolatey. Chocolate chip cookies would be good. Husband made a wheat and dairy free variety this past weekend, though I’m not that into the fake flour. Fake dairy is fine, but nothing quite behaves like wheat flour. Chocolate cake would do, too. I can try to whip something up in the next half hour I suppose. Though really, I should attend to the myriad household chores I am supposed to do. Laundry, emptying then re-loading dishwasher, cleaning the bathroom, getting dinner started. Baking is a good distraction because at the end of it, you have a tasty treat, a far more enticing reward than a clean bathroom. Whatever it ends up being, I will have to start soon to beat the 4:30 wake-up. I am feeling somewhat pathetic today, just for the predictability of my life. Tomorrow will hopefully unearth the unexpected. Parents come early in the morning to hang with the ladies while I go to a doctors appt. Then, sky’s the limit! Maybe I’ll have a chance to paint, or visit with a grown-up friend, or something. Anything.

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  1. Hey, if you think all the work that goes into baking tastes better than a clean bathroom, you’re not cleaning with frosting like we do. A little gritty from the granulated, very wipable via the butter, and wicked stain-removing thanks to the deep chocolate color.

    We grout with it, too.

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