The last post was quite literally a big bummer. The ladies are just winding down from 2+ weeks of the shits. I’m not talking innocent little baby poops, either. Let’s just say everyone was miserable and it didn’t seem like it would ever end. But I think the misery is waning. Things are starting to look normal in the diaper department. Diaper rash has passed finally. And mind blowing poo is returning to regular poo.

Just what you wanted to read about, eh? Well, my time is being sucked at a little bit by the food blog. Which I do enjoy writing, don’t get me wrong. Another thing that has been distracting me is Camera Morte, which has been temporary in the past, but now seems permanent. I’m trying to capture as many images in the death mode of my digital camera before it goes back to normal or finally just explodes. Either way, I’m happy to have had this special time seeing what the end of the world looks like through the lens of my very own Camera Morte.

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