Have I used that title before? Probably. I rarely have an original idea.

Things have been chugging alone in my little world. Lots of events, many new venues to schlep the ladies to. A few recent biting incidents (nothing to be at all happy about). Mostly positive. Mostly affirming my hard work at giving my favorite daughters as much of my attention as is possible whilst retaining my own sanity. Currently searching for a daycare for a year from now. This will prove difficult, I am sure. And I have mixed feelings about it, but I gotta say we will all be good and tired of one another after another year of this sort of thing. The girls will definitely benefit from having a staff of well-rested early childhood educators at their disposal. At least this is how I like to picture their experience to be. My experience, however, will most likely be to return to some unsavory office environment, despite every morsel of my body not wanting that, to support the healthy, happy enrichment of my sweet beasts.

* a note*
I have not been killed by my daughters, nor have I given up on the blog thing. I am simply away from my cute little laptop the past few days since it ceased to recognize its own hard drive. It is fried. One year old. Maybe all of my important crap is gone. Maybe it is still there. Luckily, there was one moment of lucidity these past few months that prompted me to save all 700ish Camera Morte images and videos to DVD. But the lucidity did not extend past that. Except for my husband’s lucidity, when he demanded we save all the girls photos on a separate external hard drive. I believe there are storms on the sun’s surface. Mercury is in shitrograde and God wants me to exist on a more analog plane than the one I usually enjoy. I’ll take what this life is giving me and hope for the best. I can always re-write my thousands of versions of crappy resumes. And hubbo has a pooter. This isn’t quite a quickie after all, is it?

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