More Imageless Words

I know. Sorry I’m not able to blog the way I like to, every day, every few days. But my frackin’ pooter is on the fritz. My bro managed to salvage everything on my burnt hard drive — ONE YEAR OLD HARD DRIVE — no thanks to apple computers, by the way. They handed me a bunch of business cards at the apple store for people who do data recovery. For hundreds, even thousands of dollars. But you know what? Try some software first. Why didn’t they just tell me? Luckily brother Mark knows about such things, but not everyone has a brother Mark. And I don’t have any money, so it was his way or the proverbial superhighway. Now I’m just waiting for the computer to get refilled with my images and whatnot and should be back in business soon. I must do laundry and other analog tasks now. Looking forward to our next one-sided chat.  xo j

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