Nightmare World : The RNC

Dear Mrs. Palin,

You seem like an intelligent enough person. You love your family and are supportive of them and you love the power you have in Alaska. I respect you as a woman who is working and managing your family. I can barely get out of bed in the morning with the prospect of two toddlers some days. You have five children and appear to be well put together and have your mind intact.

I do not understand how a female can have the desire to make the right to safe and legal abortions in this country illegal, thus unsafe. The thought terrifies me, and I don’t want to live in a country where the government would have that kind of control over my or my daughter’s bodies.

Keep up your good work in Alaska. I hope you continue to succeed in your world, but I don’t want you to end up president or Vice-President of the US. I also don’t want John McCain to be President. Neither of you. But you gave a good speech tonight. A great public speaker, in fact. You may be more qualified to be President than McCain, all that “executive experience” and all. But I am voting for the other peeps. For a million reasons, none of them based on sex or race. Because I am not frightened by what they say. But you and your running mate scare the shit out of me.




  1. I’m stealing from Jon Stewart here as I note that Gov. Palin said (in her press release about the daughter she loves and supports), that she supports that “it was Bristol’s decision” to have this baby. As Stewart notes, some might call that decision a “choice.” And now, she want to go to Washington and make sure other women don’t get the same choice.

    I completely and totally support every woman who chooses to add a child to this overpopulated world. But if that’s the “right” choice, can’t we support the women who make that choice without making it mandatory? I support the teens who choose to go to college, but college isn’t right for everyone, and we can’t force all teenagers to go to college. Why does anyone think it’s okay for the government to force women to have babies? No, really. Why does anyone think it’s okay for the government to force women to have babies? This from the party that doesn’t want to force businesses to pay taxes, or to force those making millions to contribute financially to society.

    The politics of abortion has generally meant that if women have no power in their lives, men are willing to let them have abortions. When women work, vote, and appear as candidates for President and Vice President, society feels it HAS to limit our power somehow. Thus, the ideal candidate–a woman who might break one glass ceiling because, thankfully, she’ll pours concrete across everyone else’s cervix and give only the government a jackhammer.

  2. Yeah, Christine! Bristol had the luxury of making a decision whether to keep her pregnancy or not. She decided, she was a decider. She was allowed to decide because abortion is legal in this country. Let’s make sure it stays that way.

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