I am. Anxious. Supposedly we’re leaving tomorrow morning around 11 a.m. to drive to a beach in Delaware, about 3 hours north of Baltimore. In what by then will be Hurricaine Hanna. Thanks Hanna. As if packing up two toddlers isn’t hard enough. When hubby and I are running around trying to get shit together and into the car, inevitably one of the girls will have a freak-out because they don’t understand what is going on. It isn’t as if I don’t clue them in on the goings-on. I do explain it all in very plain terms, but who knows what part of what I say makes sense to them. I definitely include them — they represent 50% of our family after all. It’s just that they see a bag full of something and have a burning desire to empty it. It’s in their genetic make-up. They can’t help it. When we went out of town a month ago, down to North Carolina, which ended up being a hellish 10 when it should have been 7 hour drive, packing up the car in the morning was definitely one of the most brutal parts of the trip. I think tomorrow, if we actually end up leaving tomorrow, I will take the girls upstairs to play while B loads up the car. That way they won’t physically be in the middle of everything, which was a big part of the problem last time. That, in addition to the fact that husband was sick as a dirty dog and couldn’t do much else than hack and complain while I was trying to get us all out the door, but that’s another story I probably won’t write about. We made a deal, he and I, that I wouldn’t write about stuff betwixt us, or him specifically, which I completely support. I wouldn’t want my spouse writing all up in my personal bitness, either. If you have no mutual respect, your marriage is doomed. No need for that!

Had a fun morning with an artist/architect/mom friend of mine who has a membership to the Maryland Science Center. Boy was that a good place to take the kiddies! I highly recommend going there if you’re visiting Baltimore, especially staying in the Inner Harbor area of the city. But get those wallets out, friends. It is pricey, though not with a membership. That’s how the Maryland Zoo is here, too. A relatively cheap membership compared to how expensive it would be to shell out $10 for each person every time you wanted to hang with the giraffes and cheetas. If you live here it is totally worth it to belong to these cold, dark weather venues. Same with the National Aquarium in Baltimore. Super spendy, but reasonable with a membership. Her little boy and the girls and us moms went for the morning then came back to her place in Federal Hill, a neighborhood just south of the Inner Harbor, for some lunch and noodling around. Mimi had a mini meltdown (good title for a book? Mimi’s Mini Meltdown??? copyright that bitch), understandable since it was about naptime when we left. Both Mimi and Beenie were down for the count by 1:30, tho, so I’m hoping for a 4:30 wake-up. I guess I should pack up some stuff while the house is quiet

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