Bossy Boots

We are going to the beach on Saturday. I can't wait!

Had a remarkably fun day with the ladies yesterday. Not that every day doesn’t have elements of fun. But you know what I mean. Toddlers are hard sometimes. Two toddlers are really hard sometimes. Lucky for me, Beenie is a total control freak and thinks she’s responsible for raising her younger (by 6 or 7 minutes) sister. She’s taken to attempting to pick her up from a chair (has not yet succeeded, as her younger sister is maybe only one pound lighter than she) which is humorous. While Mimi is sitting in a chair at the kitchen table eating, a task she is dead serious about, Beenie walks up to her, stands beside her and says “HI” over and over again, perhaps mimicking the way I go around to both of them whilst they eat, giving them a peck on the head, telling them I love them. Mimi looks at it as a threat, and judging on past bad actions on her sister’s part (aka biting and pushing), I can see why. She gets mad and anxious. Beenie is also a tattle tale and bossy boots. “Mimi, NO!” is a frequent statement escaping her lips. The final and most endearing way Beenie orders Mimi around is by feeding her. When they get up from their afternoon naps, I usually get a few bowls of treats together along with some sippy cups, and the girls sit at their little red table and snack. But of course Beenie has to make sure Mimi is eating what she chooses for her to eat, and puts goldfish in her mouth and forces her to drink from her sippy cup.

Mimi is an interesting character. She lives to cause a ruckus. Stealing Beenie’s sippy cup, her snack bowl, her bug, her blanket — daily goings on in our little row house in Balmer. Also, as you may have read, she is an expert at diaper removal, despite my many efforts to somehow plaster them to her little booty. Funny, though, she will happily eat from Beenies paws, and will occasionally even drink from the sippy cup being forced upon her. She takes it all in good humor.

My question is, did Beenie create a slightly less assertive sister? Or are their intact-at-birth personalities just that, and Beenie was born to be bossy, and Mimi was born to be cheeky and sort of accept Beenie’s bossyness? I do think Mimi’s burning desire to fuck with her older sister may be a result of extremely bad behavior over the past year or so on Beenie’s part (aforementioned biting and shoving). What would one of them be like if only one had arrived and I had either Mimi or Beenie? Silly to contemplate, yes, but still, I do wonder sometimes. Pointless, I have two and they are who they are.

My parents are here today and here I sit writing on my blog. Shit. I need to go out somewhere and do something while I have a chance. Maybe I’ll head over to the discount bookstore. Maybe I’ll get some soup and take pictures of it for my woefully underpopulated food blog.

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