“Sand is better than poop!”

I’m quoting myself, true. Is that self-absorbed of moi? The girls are still sleeping so it’s ME TIME. Please don’t try to take that away from me. The quote was from a comment discussion betwixt myself and Cynthia re: her apology about sand her little Sylvie placed in a potted Oregano plant in our backyard. Sand IS better than poop.

This morning was annoying and hellish. Our house is a little brick oven, especially the girls’ room, especially when it is 100 degrees outside. After a morning of whiny whining, i figured we’d better get out of the house if only for a half hour or so, just to get out. Packed up the stroller, the babies. Mimi poured all of her coveted juice box out in the foot rest of her side of the stroller, then Beenie did the same. Both hurt each other all morning. Both were hot, both were tired and crankity crank crank. Just like me. I had a brilliant idea when we got back from our short sweltering stroll…. WOULDN’T A COOL BATH BE NICE?

What am I, FUCKING CRAZY?? What about me giving them a bath by myself could possibly be pleasant? I think that I had a moment of complete insanity, most likely brought on by the excessive heat. Half filled up the tub with tepid water, both girls clamored to get in and did, both refused to sit down in said tub. Both fought over tub toys, poured and squirted water on me, both cried. Beenie slipped in the tub and almost landed on her head on the porcelain tiled floor outside the tub. If it wasn’t for my lightning-quick reflexes, she would have a big fat goose-egg on her noggin. I yelled at both of them for not sitting in the tub, rinsed both off before I’d even gotten a chance to wash some of the food out of their hair, dried off Beenie and put on her diaper then kicked her out of the bathroom while I wrapped up Mimi and we all went into their bedroom to try to simmer down. I had prepared two nappy-time bottles which they immediately latched onto (how the hell am I going to get rid of bottles?), and we spent some quiet time on the floor of their room recovering from a bad bath. They are still asleep now, three hours later. I may let them sleep till 4:30 just because. Oh wait… I just heard one now..

This afternoon after I’ve given them a snack, we’re all driving over to the gym I just joined for the summer so they can play with the toys in the kiddie room and I can do something other than be a mommy for an hour or so. There is crap all over the floor and the kitchen is a mess. I do not feel like cleaning anything.


  1. Sylvie just threatened to bite my leg because she is a crocodile and not a princess. Now she’s building a closet out of legos. It’s supposed to be cooler tomorrow, right?

  2. weather finally broke here last night and it’s so lovely today — sunny but cool (well…coolish — comparatively). hope it got better there too, both the weather and the ladies.

  3. Ok, not having kids, I admit, I have no idea about the raising little ones but this is lathered in awesome sauce:

    “Sylvie just threatened to bite my leg because she is a crocodile and not a princess.”

    Somebody said, “Every generation has to relearn civilization.”

    You’re on the front lines. Hoorah!

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