Mercy Mercy Mercy

We are now at the mercy of Baltimore’s weather. It is currently 96 degrees Fahrenheit in lovely Charm City. I suppose one is always at the mercy of one’s weather, but it isn’t always so brutal. For instance, I do not believe I will venture out of the house with my darling daughters today. We spent about twenty minutes in our backyard this morning and both angels were sweating and red-faced, despite copious water drinking. It’s that hot out there. And it isn’t always easy to come up with things a one and a half year old wants to do, much less two of them. Snacks will be a big part of the afternoon, as they are every other day, we just won’t go outside or have time in the stroller with said snacks. We will be in our little row house cave where we belong.

I usually get pretty bummed out when we are trapped in the house. Today I’m feeling okay, though, for no apparent reason. I put the girls down for a nap around 12:30 and Beenie kept making noise. I waited about a half hour, then the crying got kind of intense so I hustled up to their room to see what was up. I walked in to find Beenie weeping, with her leg caught betwixt the crib bars. Usually it is Mimi who gets stuck, but today it was Beenie. I couldn’t get her leg out so I grabbed the topless jar of petroleum jelly sitting on their changing table for help. And the goo worked. She was mildly hysterical (I know, the two sort of cancel one another out, but it fits the state of her screeching) and smelled like poop. We came downstairs to replenish her empty bottle and grab a feel-good cookie, then returned to their room for a diaper change and a second attempt at a nap. This was successful, though I have heard noise from both of them during todays nap.

I am having serious writer’s block with my food blog. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that I’m not really getting paid for it. Sweetening the pot never hurts. It is amazing what people will agree to do for practically nothing if they like the project, and amazing how soon the enthusiasm peters out once they’re a few months into it with no sense of accomplishment (monetarily speaking). At least with this blog, I feel like I can really write about whatever the heck I want to with no expectation of money. But don’t let me dissuade you if you are someone who has a bunch of money that you were thinking you might want to share with me. Everyone has a price and I’m no different. MAKE ME AN OFFER! I’m sure we can work something out.

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