Haven’t had much time to write the past day or so. In-laws in town, trying to get out of the house to run errands and pursue what’s left of my artistic career. There is an art auction/benefit thingy at a local gallery I like to submit to once a year. You split the sale of your piece 50/50 with the gallery. Nice event. I never get to go to the auction, but at least I have a chance to sell something to an unsuspecting stranger. Feel good all around, unless your piece doesn’t sell, in which case you feel like crap. But that’s kind of the nature of writing and art, isn’t it? Rejection is a very real part of the process.

I think I just got a job blogging for an online newspaper. I don’t really understand how a blogger gets paid yet. Clicks per post or something like that. I’ll be writing about food. Everybody eats. More on that later.

Re: Mara’s comment on the usability standards of the monkey backpack/leashes… the leash is disguised as a monkey tail. The image I put up with the post has the backpack on backwards, actually, so you wouldn’t see the leash. More photogenic that way.

Today the girls are enjoying their North Carolina grandparents. And their grandparents are enjoying them.

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