Playlist, Revisited…

Clearly, I’m not quite keeping up with the Playlist page. We still listen to music each day, all day, it’s just that the accepted sounds have been so regular recently that I’m not sure anything new is being introduced. Mimi especially just has to have Johnny Cash on the cd player over and over and over again. The song “Jackson”, performed by June Carter Cash and himself brings such a look of delight to her sweet little face, she must be indulged. Beenie is a little more open to whatever it is I put on the stereo. Luckily, she also likes Mimi’s choices, or rather, DEMANDS, so there isn’t any musical in-fighting. Not sure why Mimi is such a picky-pants, but I admire and support it. It is important to be discerning when it comes to music, as there is so much to choose from and so much of it is garbage. Beenie seems to be more concerned with the texture of the yogurt I give her than what goes on the turn table. She digs most of it, tho, which I am also happy about, because I like to think I have pretty good taste.

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